Paintball Team Building

Paintball Team Building

Paintball team building has been the ultimate work place event for staff and management. Thousands of people around the world play paintball and large number of those players are part of a corporate or workplace group that wants to blow off some steam or better yet actually complete some team building exercises.

Is paintball the right team building activity for your staff? Generally everyone above the minimum age required can play paintball. The great thing about this sport is that its not a contact sport. It’s rare that you would ever see or be in physical contact with another player. Players must use their paintball guns and brains to play and win.

Once you’ve decided to go ahead and organize or reserve your team building event you need to figure out how many players you will have. It helps to get a realistic number so that when you call the paintball field you can reserve for the right number of staff. Once this is done, we recommend letting everyone know about your decision and include a note about what to wear.

What to wear at your paintball team building event?

We’ve seen people wear wedding dresses, fury animal costumes and even birthdays suites. But we suggest that players wear comfortable shoes that they can run in along with pants, not shorts and a couple of layers of long sleeve shirts. Hoodies and jackets are a great option. Many paintball fields offer some sort of protection as well. They may have coveralls or chest protectors and both are strongly suggested if you’re sensitive to being hit by paintballs or didn’t bring enough of your own clothing to wear.

When you arrive

When you arrive your group and staff should receive a safety briefing and lesson on how to use the equipment. This is a good time to ask questions and clear up any confusion that you or anyone else about paintball and the games you will be playing.

Team building and games

Some corporate team building groups just want to blow off some steam and play paintball. This is a fun way for staff to step out of their daily routine and just have some fun. Other corporate groups are looking to stimulate their staff and actually have them strategize and work together with their co-workers to solve problems.

Team building games that you can expect your group to play are:

Capture the flag – This is probably the best known paintball game ever. Although there are a few variations of this game, essentially two or more teams will have to come up with a strategy to capture the flag. Often the flag is found in the middle of the playing field and the game is won when a team captures the flag. Other variations of the game are to carry the flag back to your own home base or the opposing teams home base. Another version of this game will also have a flag with each team and teams must decide whether to attack or defend their flag in order to beat the opposing team.

Elimination – Like it sounds, this game is all about eliminating the other team. Groups must work together to decide what the best method of eliminating the other team would be, but to also figure out how to not be eliminated themselves and to win.

Attack and Defend – This is a very popular paintball game. One team is required to defend a building, a specific area or even an individual player or players. The other team must attack in order to conquer an area or take over a building or capture/eliminate a specific player.

Whatever game your group may play, and its likely you’re going to play many games during your visit, staff must work together in order to win. At Paintball Nation we often require that each team select a new team leader at the beginning of each new game. This gives everyone the opportunity to lead and develop their skills all while having fun running around playing paintball.

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