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Paintball Nation

Artist Search

Paintball Nation Mississauga will be opening soon, and we’re searching for an artist to create a giant wall mural at our soon to be open location.

So, we’re launching the Paintball Nation Artist Search art competition, for the best wall art design. Email us a .jpg of your sample by 5:00pm July 24, 2017 and the winner will be selected by July 26, 5:00pm. You must be able to complete the mural by midnight (12:00am) Aug 6, 2017 to claim the prize.

What are we looking for? Our company name “Paintball Nation” must be prominent otherwise you can be as creative as you like with the rest of the design. Nothing vulgar or discriminatory.

The wall is currently black and measures 12 feet high X 70 feet long.

Questions can be be emailed with the subject heading “wall art Q”

Paintball Nation reserves the right to extend the competition if required and to make changes to the winning design once selected. Wining artist must provide all their own paint material.

Below are samples of work we like or that have elements we like.

wall art
We like the layout of this. Easy to read text.
Wall art
Promenant text. Rest of wall used well.
Wall Art Sample
Simple design
Wall Art
Simple black and white. Easy to read. Font.
Wall Mural Sample
Easy to read font. Simple.

Wall Mural
This type of pattern may look good around the company name on the wall.

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