Outdoor paintball or indoor paintball?

Outdoor paintball or indoor paintball?

People ask us all the time at Paintball Nation which is better? Outdoor paintball or indoor paintball?

The correct answer is, both. Each will have its pro’s and con’s and we suggest trying both to see which you prefer. Let’s take a moment to review the pro’s and con’s so that you can decide for yourself which is better.

1. Indoor paintball can be played anytime of the year. The weather can be really bad outside sometimes, however, you can still play paintball indoors with the heat on in the winter and air conditioning in the summer, making your paintball games much more comfortable than outdoor paintball.

Outdoor paintball is usually played in nicer weather but can be played year round regardless of the type of weather and temperatures if players are up for it. Snow and rain are not the greatest to play paintball in; so indoor paintball may be the better option for you when the weather is bad.

2. Outdoor paintball is often made up of various playing fields and a single outdoor paintball field is usually much larger than most indoor paintball fields. This is obviously a huge plus for playing paintball outdoors. Keep in mind, that outdoors you’ll have to contend with bugs, mud, tree stumps, rocks, boulders etc. and a more authentic war game experience dealing with less than perfect playing conditions.

Indoor fields are often more refined than outdoors. You’ll have creature comforts such as bathrooms, running water, snack machines and the field itself wont be as difficult to play in because you’re missing all of the traditional elements found in the outdoors.

3. The length of games differs for outdoor and indoor paintball. With the exception of playing tournament speedball games most outdoor paintball games will be longer than indoor games. When playing outdoors, the distance between teams is greater than the distance between teams playing indoor paintball. The greater the distance the longer it will take teams to engage in battle and to ultimately win the game.

This means that you will likely play fewer games outdoors and spend more time at the location, many people spend the better part of a day playing outdoors.

Indoor paintball requires less of a time commitment because players tend to play for two to four hours per visit but can play many more games in that period of time. Indoor games are quicker than outdoor games because the playing field is often smaller and teams engage with each other very quickly and its not uncommon to have games run just a few minutes in length.

As you can see, there are many reasons for and against playing paintball indoors or outdoors. As mentioned earlier, try both and decide for yourself, you may enjoy both, while many people only prefer one or the other, paintball is an exciting sport and recreational activity enjoyed by millions of people each year around the world.

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