Getting started with paintball

Getting started with paintball

You’re thinking about getting started with paintball? Here are a few tips we think you’ll find helpful.

1. Get out and play paintball first. You can rent all the equipment that you need at both indoor paintball fields and outdoor paintball fields. Pay attention to how the equipment operates and ask other players for tips and advice about their own paintball equipment.

2. If you can, decide what type of paintball you want to play? You can play scenario paintball indoors and outdoors or tournament paintball as well indoors and outdoors. Once you’ve decided you will know what type of equipment to begin looking at. Keep in mind that you can play both types of paintball with any paintball equipment but specific equipment will always serve you better. Think about using a monster truck in a NASCAR race? You probably wont crash and burn but you will certainly not come in first place.

3. If you prefer one to another, you can then decide if there is a specific brand of equipment or company that you prefer. Look for online equipment reviews, post questions on forums and ask other players.

4. Once you know what brand or type of equipment you want, you need to decide whether to purchase it all new or used? New will obviously cost you more than used, however new equipment will come with a warranty and the chances of buying someone else’s problems is unlikely.

5. If you want to buy used equipment, you can save a fair amount of money in doing so. Look online, at auction sites, forums, and classifieds, buy and sell swap meets and at paintball fields that may have for sale posts on the wall.

6. If you are purchasing used equipment, we highly recommend that you test the equipment before you hand any money over. Best thing to do is to meet at an actual paintball field and test the equipment there. Some of the staff may even be able to help check the equipment for you.

7. Depending on your budget, you can begin playing paintball with just a paintball gun and hopper. All the other equipment, air tanks, masks, pods can be rented from your local paintball field. But a modest paintball set up would include, 1 paintball gun with hopper, 1 air tank (Co2 or High pressure air), a mask and some pods with a pod carrier.

8. Clothing is less important than the actually equipment. We’ve seen players dressed very casually, like Jack Bauer and others like SWAT officers. Obviously dressing casual is easier done and more cost effective. Old jeans, shoes and a hoodie would do. However a full SWAT or military outfit depending on quality can be costly. If you are playing tournament paintball or speedball, you would purchase specific pants, shoes and a shirt along with some padding. This too could be costly and if you’re looking for new clothes, look for items on sale after Christmas.

We hope that this article has helped you with getting started with paintball. Just remember, playing paintball is a fun and rewarding activity that you can play as a child or adult. If you are on a tight budget there is no need to buy everything at once or new. Start slow and eventually you will have everything you need.

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