Does Paintball hurt?

Does Paintball hurt?

People always ask, does paintball hurt? The answer is yes and no. To begin, we need to understand why it may hurt to play sometimes and not others. Paintballs come in various levels of quality from seconds to tournament grade. Paintballs that are classified as seconds have problems. They have failed one or more of the quality control tests.

Other than being tested for roundness and weight, hardness is one of the other tests. What this means is that paintballs are tested for how hard they are. Brittle paintballs are preferred for tournament grade paintballs because competitive players don’t want a paintball not to break when firing at an opponent. These brittle paintballs cost more at the wholesale level and retail stores and paintball fields must charge more for these in order to maintain their profit levels.

All other paintballs more specifically seconds, are harder than tournament paintballs but cost less and those cost savings are passed onto the buyers and players. However, these harder paintballs can hurt more than tournament grade paintballs when hit by them.

Wearing appropriate clothing can make the difference between whether or not it hurts to play paintball. We often see players wearing clothing that is not appropriate such as shorts or T-shirts. For obvious reasons playing paintball with this type of clothing is going to hurt more than if you dressed better.

For example, long pants and tops with layers are best. Also, wearing a hoodie or jacket over a thicker long sleeve shirt is good. Some players will wear old hockey equipment which works well if they can play in comfort. We always suggest that boys and men wear “cups” or jocks if they own them.

While there is no way to avoid there being no pain while playing paintball there are other ways to reduce the chances of it hurting. Always ask how old the paintballs you are purchasing and using are. Fresh paintballs are more brittle and break easier than older paintballs.

If you’re playing at an indoor or outdoor paintball field ask the staff if there is a “mercy” or “surrender” rule. What this means is that if a player comes within a certain distance of another player and its closer than what would be considered normal, the first player will not fire on the second. The first player will yell mercy or surrender and this allows the first player to get the second player out of the game without having to fire on that player and possibly causing a lot of pain.

Another way to limit the amount of pain, is to use low impact .50 calibre paintballs while playing. These paintballs are smaller than the standard .68 calibre paintballs and will fire at the same velocity as the .68 calibre paintballs but because they are smaller it will hurt a lot less when being hit by them.

To conclude, does paintball hurt? Yes, it can, but it doesn’t have to. Be sure to ask your local paintball field the questions we listed above and everyone can go out and play without pain and enjoy paintball.

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