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We’re one of the best indoor paintball fields in the Greater Toronto area. Players from all over Ontario come to play indoor paintball at Paintball Nation!

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Paintball Nation Artist Search

Paintball Nation Artist Search Paintball Nation Mississauga will be opening soon, and we’re searching for an artist to create a giant wall mural at our soon to be open location. So, we’re launching the Paintball Nation Artist Search art competition, for the best wall art design. Email us a .jpg of your sample by 5:00pm July
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Getting started with paintball

Getting started with paintball You’re thinking about getting started with paintball? Here are a few tips we think you’ll find helpful. 1. Get out and play paintball first. You can rent all the equipment that you need at both indoor paintball fields and outdoor paintball fields. Pay attention to how the equipment operates and ask
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Outdoor paintball or indoor paintball?

Outdoor paintball or indoor paintball? People ask us all the time at Paintball Nation which is better? Outdoor paintball or indoor paintball? The correct answer is, both. Each will have its pro’s and con’s and we suggest trying both to see which you prefer. Let’s take a moment to review the pro’s and con’s so that
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Freaking awesome, New kids to paintball are hooked & getting own gear! Awesome staff!!